Friday, April 26, 2013

Crowns on Teeth Mesa Arizona

Crowns For Teeth in Mesa, Arizona 

With CEREC crown restorative dentistry technique you can address a wide variety of dental issues. When a tooth is damaged, the best type of restoration is determined by several different factors. How much decay, the size of a previous filling, or the risk of fracture of a tooth often make CEREC crowns the dental restoration of choice. The Robison Dental Group offers CEREC crowns in Mesa, Arizona. 

What are CEREC Crowns?

A porcelain crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers a damaged tooth to restore the tooth to healthy shape, size, and strength. Porcelain crowns are permanently cemented into place, fully encasing the entire visible portion of the damaged tooth.  

When does Dr. Gary Robison find CEREC Crowns necessary?

Porcelain crowns serve many functions in restorative dentistry. They can protect and strengthen the tooth structure and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Porcelain crowns are also  used to:

Provide structural support to a dental bridge
Serve as a replacement tooth to cover a dental implant
Keep a tooth that has been weakened by decay from breaking or cracking
Support a tooth that has been weakened by a large filling
Improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth
Restore a tooth that is broken or worn down

Who is a candidate for a Porcelain Crown?

If you have a fractured tooth, old broken down fillings, or a severely decayed tooth, a CEREC crown may be the best restorative option for your case. Dr. Gary Robison  will discuss this option with you during your initial restoration dentistry consultation.  

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