Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mesa Dentist Fills Cavities With Natural Looking Resin

No more are the days when unsightly silver fillings were the only option for filling cavities. Mesa dentist Dr. Robison only uses natural looking fillings, each filling is made from a composite resin that is designed to precisely match the color of your teeth. The resin material bonds easily to your teeth and creates a stronger and more aesthetic filling than traditional silver amalgam.

Natural tooth colored white fillings require less of your tooth material to be removed prior to placement, helping to preserve your tooth structure and allowing you to avoid heavy uncomfortable drilling. Once Dr. Robison has prepared your tooth, your filling will be placed in layers. Each layer Mesa Dentist Dr. Gary Robison places is hardened with a special light to ensure optimum durability. 

The process of placing a natural colored filling may take a bit longer than placing a traditional unsightly metal filling, but is well worth the wait. Once your filling is complete, Dr. Robison will shape and polish it to create a smooth and natural appearance.

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