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Mesa AZ Dentist Anorexia Nervosa Decay and Dental Implants

How Anorexia Nervosa Affects Your Need For Dental Implant Treatment

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), 28% of patients with bulimia are first diagnosed during a dental examination  Ref:

Eating disorders affect around 15% of young girls to varying degrees, around five to ten times more than men.

Damage to the teeth associated with eating disorders are usually signs of both mechanical and chemical wear. As Professor Colon explains: “The enamel is weakened (eroded) by an excess of acid from diverse origins in the body, and gets thinner until it almost disappears.

How Anorexia Nervosa Affects Your Teeth

The intraoral effects of eating disorders include signs of malnutrition, dental erosion, traumatized oral mucosal membranes and pharynx, xerostomia, dental caries, dentinal sensitivity, enlargement of the parotid glands, gingival and periodontal diseases, and soft tissue lesions

If you or your child suffers form Bulimia, or Anorexia Nervosa, rest assured with the right care Dental Implants may be the type of corrective treatment that may have to be employed to get your teeth back to health. However, the first treatment is to correct these health issues.

Mesa AZ Dentist Dental Implants
Eroded palatal surface of maxillary anterior teeth Image courtesy of: Dr. Fernando Mercado-Silva L.Od. M.A.O.D. F.P.F.A

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