Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mesa AZ Dentist & The Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Below is a list of some of the most common food and drinks that can stain your teeth. Mesa AZ Dentist Dr. Gary Robison is not suggesting that you entirely remove these foods or drinks from your diet but merely limit your intake and pay closer attention to your dental hygiene after you consume any of the following food of drinks.

1. CRANBERRY JUICE is highly pigmented and can cause yellowing of the teeth. Cranberry juice contains very high amounts of sugar in order to offset its natural bitter taste and as we all know, sugar isn’t very good for teeth.

2. BLACK TEA cause the worst stains, so stick to the light colored teas- green, white and herbal blends.

3. BEETS are richly pigmented and can stain teeth, especially if you don’t brush your teeth within an hour after eating them.

4. COLA is  not only staining, but is also full of harmful phosphoric, citric acids and sugars that erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay, which leads to a dull, ugly smile. Since most people like their soda cold, this creates further dental problems. Cold drinks make tooth enamel more porous and vulnerable to staining.

5. BLACK COFFEE: Bad news for coffee lovers- those daily cups of java that you love are dimming your smile. The darker the coffee, the worse it is for your teeth.

6. POPSICLES dyes that color your lips and tongue funny colors are also staining your teeth. Plus, they’re full of sugar and the cold iciness opens up the porous surface of your tooth enamel, which causes even worse staining.

7. TOMATO SAUCE is highly acidic and much like soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, clings to teeth and causes stains.

8. SOY SAUCE sticks to teeth and its deep colored pigments can cause bad stains

9. BLUEBERRIES deep berry blue can cause deep staining on your teeth, so be sure to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water.

10. BALSAMIC VINEGAR is a lot like soy sauce- it is deeply pigmented, clings to teeth and causes tooth discoloration.

11. RED WINE: It contains polyphenol and those polyphenols are also responsible for causing tooth staining and the alcohol in red wine is highly acidic and wears away tooth enamel, exposing the soft yellow dentin underneath.

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